General site information

• StubGrub does not sell tickets to events •

Some users might be disoriented and confused by a similarity of the names between StubGrub and two or more non-competing other companies. We recommend those users settle down and catch their breath.  If in a panic, and feel like it is an emergency, we URGE THE USER TO GET IMMEDIATE HELP AND IF POSSIBLE DIAL 911 NOW. They should not be browsing the internet in a ludicrous state of mind.

StubGrub is a contributor to the never-ending task of eliminating hunger. Through the leverage of existing and future technologies we are attempting to disrupt archaic bottlenecks of inefficiency.

An on-demand Mobil Application developed for users like you.

Key strategic individuals are currently onboard the development of StubGrub.  If you believe that the inefficient old MUST be replaced with the streamlining of processes that will drastically accelerate the deliverable such as basic foods and water to large groups of people while dramatically lowering the price of the merchandise,  I encourage you to consider “joining the cause” and registering your interest with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further doubts or questions.